Terms & Conditions

Membership Policies

+ - Transfers

Memberships are nontransferable

+ - Commitment Time

Membership packages are a three-month commitment and automatically renewed.

+ - Payment Schedule

Cancellations made (48) hours or more before service deliveries will be issued a full refund.

+ - Cancellation Schedule

A 30-day cancellation notice is required for all memberships.

+ - Lab Testing Follow up Period

The follow-up period for lab testing completed is 30 days or less.   After thirty days, I must seek a follow-up from my primary care clinician.

+ - Specimens Responsibility

Specimens are sent to the appropriate outside laboratories' testing facilities.  OMNI IV is not responsible for lost lab testing specimens or incorrect results. The laboratory testing facilities may access personal health information for identification purposes. The laboratory testing facilities may report results to the local health department if required by law.