Infuse Vitality

We deliver IV Vitamin and NAD, skin resurfacing with the Morpheus8, medically supervised weight loss, and other cutting edge treatments that use your body’s healing systems with support from nature’s toolkit.  We provide mobile and event services throughout Northern California.

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Botox & Dysport

Gain access to extraordinary benefits and amzaing saving on Botox & Dysport.

Skin & Body Treatments

Tighten the skin while softening wrinkles,
fat, scars and more. Semaglutide treatments now available.

IV Treatments

The most effective way to hydrate
delivered right to your home.

Our Story

Packages & Events

Bringing cutting edge services and products to your next event.
Omni IV Therapy
"I cannot say enough good things about Tamara Lambert, ND. She handled my concerns and worries with utmost professionalism and care, never once belittling any of my fears but calmly and working through possible causes and what we could do. She helped me go from being afraid and out-of-options to feeling empowered that we could do something."
Joy N Patient
"After years of dealing with a bum knee I discovered Crafted Vitality. They give me one treatment per week and now I rarely think about my knee anymore. My quality of life has greatly improved."
Diana H. Patient
"My goal is to look and feel healthy from the inside out, and Crafted Vitality is helping me achieve it. I’m so pleased with my skin after IVs and micro needling."
Jeanine H. Patient
"It was awesome to be able to discuss the vitamins and nutrients for our IV cocktails and know they were uniquely tailored to our needs and lifestyles."
Vicki H. Patient
"I visited Crafted Vitality recently to have my first Botox done. From the moment I entered the office, I felt totally relaxed and knew I was in good hands. I was very happy with the results, as it looked very natural and fresh."
Megan B. Patient
”Quality of life was greatly hampered by serious shoulder pain until Crafted Vitality provided a single shot solution for fast pain relief and vitamins for helping ward off the ‘Rona. Highly recommend these folks.”
Dave H. Patient
”I thought acne scars and sun damage were just something I had to live with but nope!”
Erin B. Patient
”The office space feels like a little, perfect retreat in the middle of a city. Jenny is very informative, caring and has earned my trust! ”
Kate C. Patient