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Wine, Women, and Wellness Event

Did you know that half of adult women suffer from incontinence? And that those suffering from “Stress Incontinence” tend to discontinue once loved activities to avoid embarrassment? Please join Crafted Vitality’s support of Women’s Health Week as we welcome OBGYN Dr. Tina Segocio and learn how non-invasive vaginal rejuvination treatments can end incontinence.

Meet our host: Dr. Kristina Sogocio OBGYN

Dr. Sogocio practices at her clinic, Moci, located in Merced, California. She is committed to the advancement of women’s healthcare and has a passion and mission to provide individualized care and support for women. Dr. Sogocio treats a sspectrum of women’s health issues but believes that full scope care extends beyond the physical aspects and includes mental, emotional, social, envrionmental, and spiritual aspects as well.

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