Becoming a member gives you access to first-class treatments completely custom catered for you. You’ll receive foundational wellness testing that is interpreted medically by a team of Naturopathic Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses who then work with you to develop a personalized longevity and wellness plan. Using cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy, NAD Infusions, Ozone Therapy; and Aesthetic Treatments such as Botox, Fillers, Body and Facial Tightening, and Contouring, we are with you every step toward your wellness goals.

Proactive, Preventative Health Care Looks Like This

In this three-phase membership program developed by Dr. Tamara Lambert, we evaluate your baseline
health and create a personalized restorative plan to help you live a longer and healthier life full of vitality.

Omni IV Doctor

Our Doctor will get to know you and your health goals, recommend testing and labs to measure your foundational health.

Our Doctor will provide interpretation of your wellness testing, develop a comprehensive Vitality Plan tailored just for you and introduce you to your Registered Nurse Vitality Manager for your on-going treatment.

Your Registered Nurse Vitality Manager will meet with you monthly to help you implement wellness
treatments, evaluate your progress and together with our Doctor or Nurse Practitioner modify your Vitality Plan based on your progress and changing needs.

Membership Packages


Introducing you to functional medicine with labs selected in cooperation with and interpreted by a Naturopathic Doctor. Popular with Vitamin IV, glutathione, and aesthetic injection enthusiasts. We'll have you feeling your best in no time.


Experience the power and difference in combining proactive and reactive healthcare. The lab panels interpreted by a Naturopathic Doctor will have your body functioning optimally to handle the stresses on the body and immune system.


Providing healing from the inside out with treatments and results continually measured to have you looking and feeling more youthful. Our amazing team will work with you to set, measure, and reassess goals for your skin and body.


The most comprehensive and precise picture of your body’s physiological condition combined with the latest cutting edge tools to turn back the biological clock. Our team will work with you to set, measure, and reassess goals for your skin and body.


249 / Month


799 / Month


1149 / Month


1799 / Month



Minimize wrinkles and enhance natural beauty with proven treatments provided by experienced clinicians. 35 units Botox or 70 units Dysport

Morpheus8 Session

Increase collagen and elastin production and tighten skin with minimal downtime using state of the art technology Hollywood celebrities are raving about.

IV Treatment

Hydrate with a liquid mixture of fluids, vitamins, and minerals that are commonly used to improve immunity, improve energy, reduce stress, improve skin or correct dehydration following illness, alcohol use or extreme exercise.

IV Upgrade

Boost your IV treatment to one of our plus level treatments that have a higher and or wider range of vitamins to maximize desired effects. Good for (2) IV upgrades.

B12/Tri-Immune Injections

Tri-immune boosts include vitamin c, glutathione, and zinc. Keeping B12 levels up can increase energy and the body’s function. (8) Injections included.

Glutathione Injections

Commonly referred to as the mother of antioxidants, glutathione has several beneficial properties and is a commonly used ingredient in many of our IV treatments. (5) Injections included.

ND Consultation (30 min)

Naturopathic doctors (ND) are trained as primary care providers who diagnose, treat and manage patients with acute and chronic conditions, while addressing disease and dysfunction at the level of body, mind and spirit. One 30-minute consultation.

ND Consultation (15 min)

Consult with a health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. (2) Consultations up to 15 minutes each.

Micro needling

Initiate the body’s natural healing response by piercing the skin with fine needles to stimulate elastin and collagen production to minimize fine lines wrinkles and scars. One session.

Filler Treatment

Add volume to the face using hyaluronic acid filler to temporarily restore volume loss under the surface of the skin without surgery. One syringe filler.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Combine with Morpheus8 or Micro needling to harness the regenerative potential of your body’s own platelets to stimulate new cell growth, stimulate hair growth, repair damaged skin, and slow the signs of aging.


Called an anti-aging molecule because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan, NAD+ studies have shown that it can help battle many effects of aging and chronic conditions on the human body and brain. Add to any IV treatment.

Lab Panels

Lab Packages

Immunity Panel

A weakened immune system means the body’s ability to fight off disease is impaired. Overtime this can lead to serious health conditions. If you are always sick, repeatedly suffering from recurrent infections or looking to optimize your immune system, we

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Lab Packages

Stress Panel

Stress is a normal part life and our bodies are designed to react accordingly. However, the problem lies in chronic, continuous stress which has become an epidemic in our society. This puts us at risk for many health problems including:

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Lab Packages

Comprehensive Vitality

Our comprehensive wellness panel gives us an understanding of how your body systems are functioning. We are performing strategic tests that traditional medicine often overlooks to not only get to the “why” of your symptoms but to catch a health

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Lab Packages

Complete Vitality

Our complete wellness panel includes cutting -edge testing that gives us the clearest understanding of how your body systems are functioning. We are performing these cutting-edge, strategic tests that traditional medicine overlooks to not only get to the “why” of

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