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Immunity IV: The most popular IV of the 2020s

The number one requested Vitamin IV for the fourth year running is the treatment that promotes your immune system’s function.  The Immunity IV, sold under varying names by other providers, saw an explosive growth in demand that coincided with the coronavirus outbreak during the first half of 2020.  Since then, it has continued to be the most demanded IV treatment not for many other reasons besides infection or exposure to coronavirus.  In this article, we’ll cover some of those reasons, what goes into the treatments and why, and how to choose the best provider.

When do people get the Immunity (boosting) IV treatments?

The top listed reason patients request Immune IV treatments is due to viral infection or suspected exposure.  Those reasons have broadened since the end of the lockdown to include people confronting situations where they will be or were potentially exposed to viruses.  Travelers comprise an increasing number of those requesting the treatment, especially those that require flying from busy airports or staying on cruise ships.  Others seeking treatment include executives, performers, convention attendees, and others who cannot call in sick and are seeking to overcome viruses and reduce associated symptoms.

The average person is likely exposed to hundreds of thousands to millions of viruses and bacteria particles daily without any travel, according to a study published by the National Institute of Health.  As such, the immune system is constantly working to protect the body and can be supported by a number of different factors.

What’s in the Immunity (boosting) IV?

With concentrated high doses of Vitamin C and Zinc, Immunity supercharges your. immune system and fuels your body with hydrating fluids, vitamins, nutrients, and the most powerful antioxidants to reduce the severity and duration of the common cold, flu and allergies and keep you healthy.  Different IV clinics may include other vitamins depending on symptoms.  Crafted Vitality uses a combination of vitamins designed by Naturopathic Doctor Tamara Lambert that includes vitamin C, zinc, glutathione and a number of other vitamins that work together to enhance immune systems.

Crafted Vitality’s Immunity+ IV

Crafted Vitality’s Immune boost contains glutathione.  Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is naturally produced in the body, but produced less and less efficiently with age.  Glutathione is a super powerful antioxidant that may be depleted due to the body’s growing inability to produce it, exposure to toxins, poor diet, or a combination.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) has a study published on its website titled, “Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients”.

How long does it last?  Why not just drink water and take vitamins orally?

The effects of the vitamins contained in the Immune IV treatment can last an average of about a week to a week and a half.  Crafted Vitality’s Naturopathic Doctor Tamara Lambert recommends, “For best results, repeat [the Immunity IV treatment] every 7-10 days for 3-4 weeks during times when you are most susceptible to infections, seasonal allergies or when you are feeling rundown.”

To answer the question in one word as to why patients prefer IVs to drinking water and taking oral vitamins, the answer is: absorption.  A number of different factors influence how well water and vitamins are absorbed by the body.  Water is best absorbed on an empty stomach, while vitamins are usually recommended to be taken with food to reduce chances of stomach irritation.  Professional athletes and health enthusiasts have regimented hydration and supplementation programs to ensure proper hydration and vitamin intake.

Patients receiving the Immunity IV cited ease of treatment as to why they chose an IV treatment over drinking water and taking vitamins.  Depending on which study is cited, the 1000 milliliter saline bags, like those used at Crafted Vitality, provide a hydration level equal to drinking a gallon of water.  For context, in a related study participants could only absorb 34 fluid ounces, or just over a quarter of a gallon per hour.  

What does hydration have to do with the immune system?

Water, which makes up 60-70% of the human body by weight, plays a pivotal role in regulating several bodily functions such as digestion, absorption, transportation, elimination, circulation of nutrients obtained from food, and maintenance of body temperature.

Insufficient water consumption can hinder the kidneys’ ability to remove substances from the body through filtration. When this function is impaired, the immune system weakens, making it less effective in defending against infections and resulting in a general state of inflammation.

One of the immune systems defenses against viruses is regulating body temperature.  Most viruses replicate better at cooler body temperatures, and worse in warmer body temperatures.  Given that, the immune system often raises the body temperature and causes a fever when combatting a virus.  During that fever, the body’s hydration level depletes and must be replaced to prevent declines in body functioning.

Can I get one if I’m sick?

Yes, but depending on your diagnosis and symptoms, there is a high likelihood that heavier duty personal protective equipment, or PPE, like a N-95 mask may be used in addition to regular safety protocols.  If you are sick, contact the clinic prior to walking in for a treatment.

Is there any difference in the IV between providers?

Yes, there can be large differences between the amounts of saline and vitamins used, the quality of vitamins used, the vitamins used, and the amount.  The best IV providers have both a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor working together to optimize treatment formulas.

Tri-Immune Boost Injection
The Bottom Line: Costs and cheaper alternatives

You can expect to pay between just over $200 and $500 for an Immunity IV depending on the dosage of vitamins, whether the IV is at home or at the clinic, and what city you’re located in.  Many clinics, including Crafted Vitality offer vitamin injections.  $25-$150. B-12 injections are generally less than $50, while glutathione injections can run over $100 for a higher dosage.

Drinking water, staying hydrated and taking oral supplements is more effective than not, but may require time and energy that not all patients have.  If you want to boost your immune system immediately, contact Crafted Vitality and schedule your Immunity IV treatment today!

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Kingsley Melton