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Health Events: Improve energy and moods with B12 and other events

Hosting a B-12 injection bar or mobile wellness clinic can build health and relationships between and among employers and employees, vendors and clients, business partners and more.  Vitamin deficiencies can cause greater harm to individual and group mood and productivity beyond what effect cold winters and/or gray skies have on their own.  This article examines the role that vitamins have on mood and how creative businesses and employers are utilizing wellness programs to enhance the health and mood of their employees and other related stakeholders.  

A Tale of Two Business

When midtown Sacramento’s Club Pilates (SCP) owners wanted to improve their clients’ wellness and deepen their relationships, they worked with Crafted Vitality to bring a B12 bar to their pilates studio.  After meeting with RN Jenny, the owners of SCP decided to move forward with a Saturday event where members were offered post-workout treatments.  The event received such high praise from clients and staff that SCP has already planned more events and with an expanded list of service offerings including IV treatments.

Located in the Kimpton Sawyer at Doco next to the Golden One Center, TRU Salon regularly hosts informational events where clients can learn more about the latest beauty and skin products.  Hosting a B-12 bar was an additional perk to offer established clients while presenting their full line of products and services.

B-12 bars are just one of several event options available.  Whether it’s providing Recovery IVs for the golf or wine weekend, or Radiance IVs for a weekend with the girl friends, we have many options to offer.  To learn more about IV and injection event services in the Sacramento and Napa areas, call +19164031120.

Wellness programs:  Adding health offense to an organization’s existing health defense
TRU Salon

According to published reports, every $1 spent on wellness programs results in approximately $6 in savings when factoring both healthcare cost savings and decreased absenteeism.  It’s no wonder that 25 of Forbes’ top 100 companies have wellness programs, a percentage that is expected to grow.  With many companies seeking to increase office attendance, wellness programs can demonstrate to employees that they are personally valued.

There are a number of wellness programs that Crafted Vitality can assist in delivering for organizations.  A B12 bar can be a good option to introduce clients and employees to a more “offensive” minded way to approach health.    

With the average cost of $1452 annually for preventative maintenance according to AAA on a new vehicle, many people struggle against spending a similar amount on preventative health.  Business owners and managers can positively influence health by utilizing and subsidizing programs like a B12 bar.

What can B vitamins do for mood?  Why an injection?  Why an IV?

For years doctors have known that chronic B vitamin deficiency negatively impacts cognition and nervous system function.   Certain specific populations are susceptible to B vitamin deficiencies, specifically vegans and vegetarians, the elderly, those with poor diets, and those that cannot absorb B vitamins due to alcoholism or other factors.  Many individuals already receive adequate B12 by living a healthy lifestyle and supplementing by other means.

B Vitamins are most often absorbed through food, but can also be taken orally, by injection or IV.  At an event, Crafted Vitality can discuss how to better measure and maintain B vitamin levels through nutrition and oral supplements. 

IVs with B vitamins, while more time consuming for patients, offer full and direct hydration in addition to the vitamin benefits.  There are numerous studies about the effects of dehydration on cellular and cognitive function.  IVs are generally safe, but not appropriate for people with a variety of health conditions.  

For more about using vitamins and other steps to take for improving mood, we recommend Andrew Huberman’s podcast on boosting energy.

Bottom line: What does it cost?

Many organizations invest only the time and resources needed to figuring out logistics and internal marketing. Because the cost of a B12 injection is relatively low for groups (approx. $25), many organizations will partially subsidize the cost for their employees and clients. Injections of tri-immune boost, a combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Glutathione can cost slightly more, but when accounting for reduced absenteeism due to viral outbreaks, the savings can dwarf the investment.


Having a registered nurse on-site for an event can reduce barriers for staff and clients to have that initial converation about their or their loved one’s health. The simple health questions asked during the required medical screening can reveal health issues that should be resolved by a primary healthcare provider. Call Crafted Vitality to help you determine and plan your next wellness event!

Kingsley Melton